Blog de Luis


Representative Luis Vega Ramos authorizes the following expressions about the Governor García Padilla message:


"It is positive that our Government has announced an immediate, aggressive and --above all-- responsible plan to renegotiate Puerto Rico's public debt. That plan must be mutually beneficial both for Puerto Rico and our debt holders. Those of us who have previously proposed the alternative of renegotiation stand ready to assist the Government and the people of Puerto Rico in any effort to talk and negotiate with our debt holders. Our debt holders must understand that Puerto Rico means to honor its commitments, but all parties --including debt holders-- should work together to arrive at terms that permit our economic growth. If that economic growth is promoted, Puerto Rico will be in a stronger position to honor its debt.


I agree with Governor García Padilla that proposals such as the reduction of minimum wage and cuts on education should not be on the table. We will also support Governor García Padilla in the efforts with the Federal Government to reform the nutritional assistance program in Puerto Rico so that it promotes job creation instead of hindering it and to exempt PR from US shipping laws". Rep. Luis Vega Ramos, House of Representative of Puerto Rico.